Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have previously had another blog, I was very attached too, but my sister found it on the history page on the family computer, which I use about once a year, and has started reading about my secret life. So I've started a new blog. I hate good byes and new starts. But here we go.

This blog will be even better, more person, because my name isn't in the web address. I'm not
worried about people I know finding it. I am completely anonymous! Ya.

If you've come over from my last blog, thank you for your faithfulness!!!

I met a stranger last night, who is now, I suppose you could say, a very good friend. I have just taken over the social justice department of the young adults of my church, and I'm feeling very overwhelmed by all that we are organising and I am having to do. And I really wanted a boy/friend who could be a support. Understand me, listen to me, help me.

Well last night, sitting in a cafe with 20 friends, I ended up next to this new guy. Lets call him D. We began talking, and he starts sharing his life story. About how he used to be into drugs, dealing, using, the works. He met God, changed his life, and ran a whole bunch of community events and social justice programs at his old church. Exactly what I am doing. So we talk about this for an hour. I'm trying to eat nacho's and still engage in the most amazing conversation of my life...there was avacado everywhere!

Then he starts telling me about his life. He's the only boy with three sisters. I'm one of 3 sisters, and we have a younger brother who is out-of-control! Sometimes I'm so close to calling the police! He reassures me it will be ok. Look how he turned out. We both grew up with dad's in the airforce and navy, travelling around Australia, with close to no money and 4 kids in the back of the car, driving for 5 days at a time. In a few weeks I'm going to a rally at Parliment House for HUman Trafficking, he went last year. I don't know anyone else who has done that.

Everyone left, the table was cleared, the cafe empty, before we resurfaced from cracking each other up, and understanding, soul to soul, who we both were. No one has understood me like that. No one has had so much in common with me. I don't know if its a soul mate or best friend, but it's something incredible and unexpect! I can't wait to see what happens!!!

So blogging friends, thanks for sticking around! You're all fabulous!!!

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