Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Totally Awkward Workplace Tuesday

My Totally Awkward today, happened just last week. In the office.

I sit at the bottom of the office stairs, and often the business men mill around my desk and have impromptu meetings. So there I am, checking facebook sneakily as our President, Benefactor and Executive Director discuss acquisitions and other businessy stuff I don't understand.

On the middle landing of the stairs stood the ladies from Marketing, chatting aimlessly, and at the top one of the IT guys (thank God he isn't hot).

So I'm on my way up the stairs to deliver a letter to finance, when my new shoe catches on the stair, and I go sprawling, up, the stairs. Praise the god of wardrobe, I was wearing pants. But my pride was distinctly ruined for the rest of the day.

No one laughed, they all just rushed to my side and offered help. I would have much preferred the men to have belly laughed and the ladies to have giggled, so I could laugh at my clutsy-ness and escape to hiding behind the desk.

President still walks past everyday and asks how my knees are doing. Their bruised thank you very much.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Predictions

It is my favourite night of the year...the OSCARS!

Every year I would stay home from school or college and watch this blessed event, (it's during our mid morning here in Australia). Sadly today duty calls, and I can't really fake a head ache or period pain since I've had a few to many days off in recent weeks. So it's recording (the re-run isn't till 9:30 tonight) and I'm not looking at any news pages, turning any radios on, or speaking to anyone informed. I want to enjoy the anticipation!

So here are my predictions.

Best Picture

Definitely Slumdog Millionaire. I've seen 4 out of 6 of the films, and while they're great, Slumdog hits the spot! Incredibly cinematography, beautiful story, and heart wrenching truth. Critics rave it the feel good film of the decade, and being a massive feel good fan, I couldn't agree more.

Best Female Actor

Kate Winslet. She is phenomenal!!! I saw her in Revolutionary Road and OMG WOW! Best performance. I hope she kicks Angelina Jolie's ass!

Best Male Actor

I'm not biased cause he's hot, but Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamen Button is astounding. He proved himself as an actor and not just a god of hotness. If he doesn't get this award there is something wrong with the Academy.

Best Supporting Male.

No competition here. Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight . No one can disagree this performance re-wrote the text book villain of our acting colleges. Despite his tragic passing, he deserves this regardless. But what a privilege to honour such an incredible actor with an Oscar for his daughter!

Best Supporting Female

Anne Hathaway. Who would have thought this Princess Diaries star would be up for an Academy Award? Rachel Getting Married is not the happiest tale, but her performance is chilling!

Well lovelies by the time this is posted I'm sure awards have already been awarded!

Happy Oscar Day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Best Shoes I Ever Bought

In my lunch break, I wondered into the city, feel in love with two pairs of shoes, which were consequently on sale, with a buy one get one free offer. So I chose a black stiletto pair, very en vogue and a pair of gladiator flats. $300 worth of shoes for $110!!! I was giddy with excitement.

I'd mistakenly left my wallet in the office, so after work, I ventured down again. The 15 minute walk seemed hardly a deterrent. It was raining, my feet hurt from my boots, and it was peek our.

To get to the city centre, I walk past a bridge. There is a commune of homeless people who live under here. Every day they are there, rain or shine, drinking beer and smoking. I always think of taking some food to them, but I'm secretly scared of the old men. But this time there was a young guy. About my age. Lying alone on a sleeping bag, smoking. All around him was peak hour traffic and rain. He caught my eye and I looked away quickly. I felt like I was invading someones bedroom. But my heart was caught.

I bought my shoes, found a skirt on sale and felt as 'happy' as Carrie Bradshaw at D&G sale. And then it hit me. I want to 'save the world' and get kids off the streets. I want to see poverty ended and equality established, yet I was going to walk past that young guy tonight, back up to my nice car, and home to my warm house, without even a blink of my Mac massacred eyes.

So I bought a hot chicken, juggled 3 big bags, and my umbrella, and dodged the tooting horns and speeding buses back to the little island under the overpass.

I'll admit, I was scared shitless. What the hell was I going to say. I'm well aware that homeless people hate 'charity' and people feeling sorry for them. I scripted my intro;

my friends just cancelled dinner on my, and i have a spare chicken, would you mind taking it?

That didn't sound condescending right?

He jumped up, came over, with a toothless grin;

yeah! Thanks! What's your name?

missBee, what's yours?


We chatted for a bit, and I said I'd come say hi soon.

I dodged traffic back to my car, and shoved my purchases in the car. To be honest, I don't even care about the shoes anymore. I was full of joy.

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and loved someone. A stranger? It's so simple. Smile at the person serving you at the check out. Or the Afgan refugee at the petrol station.

everyone you meet is always fighting a harder battle.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fire, Floods and Freedom

I hope my faithful readers haven't skipped out on my MIA-ness!

It's been apocalyptic here in Oz Land. At the top of Australia, we've had flooding all over QLD, resulting in a few deaths, including a little boy being taken by a croc swimming down a suburban street.

And down south in Victoria nearly 200 people have lost their lives in bushfires, most of which were lit by arsonist. Still there are 20 fires out of control with over 1, 000 houses completely destroyed. Australia is a place of great sadness as we contemplate the reality, we aren't as lucky as our complacency allows us to believe.

This has been a summer of record shark attacks, including one yesterday in Sydney Harbour. Scorching heat up to the 40's (that's Celsius, which is really, really hot) over the weekend which saw us in bikini's and nothing else, and now I am rugged up in wool pants and a scarf, as a cool change hit Sydney and sent us running to the boxes of winter clothes.

Today I received news, an acquaintance took his life, and my dear friend is still fighting a hideous cancer.

400, 000 people will soon be jobless, homelessness will double, at least.

The statistics are enough to make you give up.

In spite of it all, courage has risen in the weakest, and a perseverance is steadfast and unrelenting. Communities are coming together, and a Nation is groaning for justice. For peace.

How easy is it to find peace in our hearts and heads when we are confronted with uncomfortable truths and disturbing thoughts of other peoples worlds?

Sometimes I clear the plans for the day, leave the phone at home, and drive. Find a winding road where bush and nature cocoon me in their safety. I lie on a field of grass, where ants and caterpillars know no better and find peace on my bare skin, with the sun falling gently without condemnation.

Happy Valentines Day lovers.