Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fire, Floods and Freedom

I hope my faithful readers haven't skipped out on my MIA-ness!

It's been apocalyptic here in Oz Land. At the top of Australia, we've had flooding all over QLD, resulting in a few deaths, including a little boy being taken by a croc swimming down a suburban street.

And down south in Victoria nearly 200 people have lost their lives in bushfires, most of which were lit by arsonist. Still there are 20 fires out of control with over 1, 000 houses completely destroyed. Australia is a place of great sadness as we contemplate the reality, we aren't as lucky as our complacency allows us to believe.

This has been a summer of record shark attacks, including one yesterday in Sydney Harbour. Scorching heat up to the 40's (that's Celsius, which is really, really hot) over the weekend which saw us in bikini's and nothing else, and now I am rugged up in wool pants and a scarf, as a cool change hit Sydney and sent us running to the boxes of winter clothes.

Today I received news, an acquaintance took his life, and my dear friend is still fighting a hideous cancer.

400, 000 people will soon be jobless, homelessness will double, at least.

The statistics are enough to make you give up.

In spite of it all, courage has risen in the weakest, and a perseverance is steadfast and unrelenting. Communities are coming together, and a Nation is groaning for justice. For peace.

How easy is it to find peace in our hearts and heads when we are confronted with uncomfortable truths and disturbing thoughts of other peoples worlds?

Sometimes I clear the plans for the day, leave the phone at home, and drive. Find a winding road where bush and nature cocoon me in their safety. I lie on a field of grass, where ants and caterpillars know no better and find peace on my bare skin, with the sun falling gently without condemnation.

Happy Valentines Day lovers.

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I love the last paragraph...