Thursday, November 20, 2008

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I am a TV series addict. But not the CSI’s and Criminal Intents. It's all about The OC, One Tree Hill, of course Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Beverly Hills 90210, and The Hills. And back in early 2000's, Dawsons’ Creek, Rosewell, Ally McBeal, Popular, Friends, and the Gilmore Girls.
You get the point. Anything with girls, falling in love with hot boys. Topics of like, crushes, love, best friends, cat fights, betrayal and if the fashion is good, then it is a must! I even think blue robes are kinda sexy after watching so much Alex in Grey’s.

And now, I have developed a new addiction. Gossip Girl. Now I know I know, I’m totally behind. Like duh, Gossip Girls been big for the last year, but I don’t have cable, so I miss it. One of the girls from work burnt me a copy of season one, and I watched it all last night. Now I’m pretending to be Serena in knee-high socks and sticky lip gloss. My blonde hair is even curled.

So here’s my Gossip Girl style update.
B (obviously me), has been seen chatting late at night with D in the car outside his hotel (where he actually does live…I am totally channelling it aren’t I!). But G (my bff) might have developed a little crush on the new boy D. B isn’t sure yet what her feelings are, as D is still so unsure about how long he’ll be staying here for, so G is asking if she can move in on the smouldering D.

And B may be more into D than she’d like to admit.


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