Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More from the Schizophrenic Ex-bridesmaid

I had to bite my pride, swallow the desire to rip A’s head off, and apologies for shouting slightly obscene comments in the middle of the night at her house. She has now threatened to arrive at the wedding ceremony and call objection. She also made mention of the fact that The Bride's wedding dress can easily be destroyed and we better watch our backs during while taking photo’s.

I haven’t been in a bitch fight since year 8, nearly 9 years ago. I cannot believe this is happening. We are getting security guards for the wedding, and A will be escorted, by will or force, if she dares come near The Bride!
Imagine having to deal with this 9 days out from your wedding. This is a time you should be glowing with happiness and having spray tans, not dealing with schizophrenic friends and their threats!

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Susanna-Cole said...

Oh my goodness, sounds a little scary. :( Hope the wedding goes well! :)

And you're a receptionist? Me too! Well I also have to handle like 13707303 other tasks (clearly my employeer must have mistaken me with some who has superpowers to multi-task haha), and I pretty much am a slave to phone ugh. :(

Anyway thanks so much for the sweet comment! <3