Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Short of it.

I don’t like ugly mugs. Or mugs that aren’t made for your hands to comfortably curve inside your cupped palms. And they can’t have stains on the bottom from left over coffee. Or tea. And if there is a pattern, it can’t be too colourful. Or florally. Or dull. Probably best if it is plain white. All the mugs in the office kitchen are ugly. I have to resort to the floral ones. They're to small for a decent cup of tea, or coffee, or a sneaky milo!

BM is still calling, messaging, stalking. Seriously! I discovered we’re friends on FB. You know what that means don’t you…he’s checked out all my pictures, read all my wall comments, and the replies, and has seen what events I have coming up.

He called last night, when I was on the way home. It was 10 pm and awkward. I wanted to get off the phone as soon as possible.

How do I shake this one? It’s just too awkward. Our best friends just got married!

The more I get to know various boys, and have more potential suitors than I have since I was 17 and living vicariously, the more I realize, I am willing to wait for Mr. Right. I know what I want, and I’ll wait for it. Even if I am still single into my mid 20’s, God help me!

On another, non boy related note, I did my Christmas shopping today, and feel good. I also bought a white tee-shirt. It is hot! Especially with short shorts and a hat. Totally hot!

And I am going to the Ice Bar tonight. Its pure ice. Everything. You can only stay in there for 30 minutes, your drink out of ice cups, and there are No. Boys. A night out with the girls! Just what I need.
PS. I also really, really want a hot tu-tu like Aggi. She is totally rocking my boat atm!
What's on your fashion wish list?


AusAnna said...

white tee's are so easy. :)x

That damn expat said...

When I read you don't like ugly mugs, I thought you meant faces and was all "ooh me too!"

Is this ice bar you are talking about the Heineken ice bar? We had it here last year and I went. It was interesting. Really too cold to stay long. But we got the complimentary pics taken and I look ridiculous with the furry hat and the silver cape. And a very frozen face.

Thanks for adding the gadget, I'm a follower now!

That damn expat said...

I have your interview set up. Email me at to get the questions.