Monday, December 29, 2008

English Boys Are Cute!

Upon a recent discovery, that all of my current top 5 hottest boys are English, I have decided this is where I need to be positioned. And so, perhaps I should move.

On top of the vague decision to move countries, to a place where it snows (I hate snow), I also decided I needed to marry one of my top 5.
Here they are.

5. Dominic Cooper. As seen in Mamma Mia and The Duchess. Understatedly cute, note the biceps, and a sexy accent to boot.

4. James McEvoy. A name on many lips of late. He first did it for me in Becoming Jane, and took our breath away in Atonement. With a long list of recent movies I can't wait too watch him in. Shame about the wife though.

3. Ben Barnes. His first major role was as Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia. The strong, silent, fighter with sexy eyes out shone any of the girl crushes people had developed on Peter and Edmund. He's funny wit, and gorgeous smile make him a Girl Favourite. (Check out the arms!)

2. Charlie Cox. A name not many have heard, but he definatly made my head swim when he started in Stardust. C19th style clothing, and a transition from geek to god makes you think twice about casting your eyes over this understated gorgeousness! He has the Cambridge class with a cute little grin. My kinda boy! (I may or may not have youtube-d him a few too many times.)

1. No surprises here. Rob Pattinson. Or Rpatz to his friends :) If you haven't seen Twilight, (hopefully my obsession didn't put anyone off) you need too see it just for him*. Rob is being dubbed the next Jude Law or Johnny Depp, at worst Orlando Bloom. Pretty dazzling future ahead! My friends and I agreed he's probably the best on-screen kiss and when I finally get myself tied down he's my free pass. (That's assuming I don't actually end up with him).

*I saw it last night for the 4th time. And bought the soundtrack. Obsessed?

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