Thursday, January 15, 2009

Days of Our Lives

It is really no secret here, that I have a bit of an obsession with Hollywood and glamour girls and hot boys. I try to keep it at a minimum and only read Gos once a day.

I did read something funny today. Naomi Watts is worried Sunday-Rose (Nicole Kidman's baby) is 'in-love' with her son. I mean seriously! Either the gossip columnist is an absolute loony and made it up, or Naomi Watts needs to be checked into some mental institution. Sunday Rose isn't even one.

And on the topic, my friends mum, who is like, totally the smartest doctor ever, thinks Nicole was never really pregnant. She didn't glow, she didn't put on weight. No normal women looks like that when their pregnant. Plus she has some medical problem, (the term eludes me) that makes her 100% unable to have kids. She totally faked! Just like her face.

Speaking of all things faces, it has come to my attention, Blake Lively (my latest girl crush) had a nose job! (I'm saving my pennies for my own rhinoplasty, so naturally I think it's totally cool that she got it done).

I had an OMG moment today. I went to the Gallery this morning to see an exhibition by my favourite artist, Monet. I studied him all through high school, and dream of walking through his garden. He is seriously a genius! I reckon if I lived 150 years ago, I'd have a massive crush on him and his big beard. So anyway, I'm walking through the crowds of other Culture-Vultures, admiring the works of the Impressionist painters, and there, smack dab on the far wall is the White Water Lillies. I studied this in year 10 and dreamed of walking across the bridge. (My art trip to Paris was cancelled in 2002 by my school for fear of terrorist! so I never saw it). But standing in front it today, forgetting about all the other people around me, even the pain in the assAsians pushing their way through, I had to catch my breath, and stop an embarrassing tear. It was a moment, where you understand the beauty and importance of art.

That's all biatches.

Love you, mean it, later.


That damn expat said...

When will we see you in Hollywood?

missBee said...


Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!