Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ignorance prevails

Excuse me sir,

but in what world do we believe it is ok to let the innocent die.

where it is ok to ignore the tortured cries of the abused.

where we can sleep at night ignoring the reality that across our





there are children sleeping in dumpsters. in wars. in fear. alone.

where we can glorify the hero who rescues the damsel

.and yet we cannot feed a hungry mouth

.sponsor a sick child

.rescue an orphan

ignorance is bliss


be it better to be a vegetable than to be ignorant.

because then you at least have an excuse for doing nothing.

we live in a world of two


we live in a world where White Supremacy rule.

where the topics that make front page.

are the topics that affect.sell.promote.

for the benefit of the editor in chief.

where it is 'cool'

to pretend for a minute to care.

caring for too long means frustration.

frustration = change

change requires an action on our behalf.

often one that requires something more

than we want to give.

the storm is coming

but i don't mind.

people are dying

i close my blinds.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

People will always turn a blind eye to things they are afraid to face. The less you understand about the world, the less there is to be angered/sad about. Ignorance is the downfall of humanity