Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesdays

Tova Darling and her fabulous Totally Awkward Tuesdays. Love it! Here's mine;

This is a story that gives a well rounded explanation as to why girls need to go to the bathroom in herds.
When I was still at high school, our music class went to see The Lion King the Musical. I was the only girl who went on the trip, and was hanging out with the mus-o guys, who were actually punk rockers doing music as a ‘bludge’. So naturally, I acting my coolest.
During intermission, I went to the bathroom, by myself, and quickly rushed back to ‘hang out against the wall with the boys’. I was so hot! All the old ladies seeing the Thursday matinee were totally jealous I was friends with the boys with piercings!
After a good ten minutes, and a lot of walking around, including up the stairs, I began to notice a slight breeze up my legs, up to my bum! Strange I thought, and I reached around to readjust my school skirt. And that’s when I felt it. The world froze. My skirt was stregically tucked into my undies. All the way up. The entire audience, cast, crew and the rest of Sydney, had seen my bum. My make up melted off my face as I blushed every shade of pink, red and purple and plucked out my dress, holding it down firmly, noticing a few snickers from the audience around me.
I didn’t look any one in the eye for the rest of the day, but I’m sure those boys were the slightest bit nicer to me.


Bella@That damn expat said...

Tee hee hee.

Every girl's nightmare!

Tova Darling said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe nobody said anything to you!!

Laura said...

Omg - how terrible. I always check to make sure the rear is covered before leaving the bathroom due to my fear of that happening!

Former Fat Chick said...

I FEEL your pain...this has happened to me TWICE, once at school and once at a PARTY :(

Thanks GOD for the GIANT Granny panties I used to wear!

Morgan the Muse said...

Oh, that is horrible!

Moi said...

Oh my goodness! How embarassing!